bespoke tailor made top coats in hong kong

Get Bespoke Tailor made Top Coats in Hong Kong

Custom made top coats for men and women are available at Manning Company Bespoke Tailors. From Hong Kong to you, our seasoned tailors will craft the outerwear you need and want for style and protection from the cold. There are many men's and women’s top coat styles, in a variety of fabrics, all of which are perfect additions to your wardrobe.

Manning Company Bespoke Tailors in Hong Kong can design and craft any men's or women’s top coats from leather to wool, light to heavy so you will be ready for any weather conditions.

Top coats are typically long in length, and they can be made in any fabric you like from cashmere to leather to wool blends.  Our master tailors will help you design the exact top coat you want, with the perfect fit that easily slides over your regular clothes. Whether you prefer a long coat, a short coat or something in between, we will tailor for you exactly what you want.

Manning Company Bespoke Tailors are highly experienced and highly versatile to ensure you get the quality, comfort and fit you want in men's winter jackets, women’s winter jackets or top coats for men and women.

Manning Company offers a wide range of world class fabrics, in a wide variety of colors and patterns, to help you craft the men’s top coat or women’s coat or jacket, in just the style that makes you look and feel great. Some wools are lighter and others are heavier, so we will help you get the coat you need for the weather conditions you face. With custom clothing, you can craft a signature style that exudes elegance and showcases your confidence and your particular personality.

Additionally, we are happy to design water-resistant top coats for men or women which help keep you warm and dry in the rainy season. We offer special styles and buttons crafted to provide you maximum weather protection. You can further customize your men's or women’s top coat by adding a variety of different exterior and interior pockets, designed to help you protect your valuables like your wallet, phone, keys, glasses, passport or other documents, keeping them dry, safe and secure.

Our experienced master tailors at Manning Company Hong Kong can help you craft exactly the coat you want with exactly the fit you want, that’s “bespoke” clothing..all at affordable, reasonable prices. All of our custom coats are designed to fit over your clothes so that you can move about comfortably, but with just the classic, luxurious or comfortable look you want.

Buying a custom made men’s top coat or women’s winter jacket has never been easier, and it is a guaranteed great, long term investment in your closet. Design and shop the best top coats for men and women with us: Manning Company Hong Kong Bespoke Tailors. Fabulous and affordable and right to your door.