custom tailor in hong kong making sports jackets

Best Custom Tailor Sport Coats, Sports Jackets and Blazers in Hong Kong

Bespoke Tailor made Sport Coats, Sports Jackets and Blazers make an outfit. The right sport coat with the perfect fit brings elegance, panache and power to a man’s closet and life. Our fashion savvy tailors will help you choose the perfect fabric (type, color and design) to match any pants. When you want to look great, but don’t want a formal suit with matching pants and jacket, a sports coat that compliments (but doesn’t identically match) your carefully chosen slacks can do the trick.

Manning Company Bespoke Tailors in Hong Kong can help any man look his level best by choosing the right jacket with the right fit. Whether it’s a formal or casual jacket, we can help you get exactly what you want.

Tailor made men’s sports jackets (as the name suggests)years ago were designed to be worn by men participating in or attending a sporting event. They are designed to be more casual and more comfortable than a formal suit. Fashion folks have been fond of sport coats ever since and the trend continues, but now men wear sport coats to work, on dinner dates or anytime they want to jazz up an outfit or dress to impress. These perfectly tailored jackets add fresh style by portraying a youthful, sporty image for men.

Sport coats can be matched with collared shirts, round collar shirts or even t-shirts to create the perfect look. Whether it’s a cool summer look or a warm winter look, Manning Company’s tailors will help you nail the look you want. You can dress them up with the perfect tie or dress them down with chinos and sneakers. Either way, the classic or trendy sports jacket will look transform your overall appearance. Manning Company offers all your favorite fabrics in all your favorite colors and patterns to craft exactly the look and style you want. At Manning Company, you can have it your way! Whether you want a classic navy blue blazer or a fabric with coconut trees to warm you on cool summer nights, we have the fabric for you. Weoffer classic colors from camel to black to shades of grey as well as countless patterns to satisfy your clothing palate.

Contact the most recommended bespoke tailors in Hong Kong: Manning Company! Allow our experienced, helpful tailors to craft the perfect style for you. You can design your jacket with or without a pocket, you can pick your matching or non-matching lining, you can request contrast stitching, and have your very own custom made tag featuring your own name. That you want is what you get when you work with Manning Company Bespoke Tailors. If you like pleats, arm patches, short or narrow lapels, no problem. We can do that.  We will suggest the right fit for your body type, the fit which emphasizes the look you want. If you want casual, we’ve got it. If you want formal, we’ve got it. If you want sporty, we’ve got it. You can choosea classic fit, regularfit or slim fit. How you like it is how we make it. Not only will you get the right length for your body type and the image you wish to portray, every single detail will combine to craft the ultimate sports jacket.

We offer a wide array of fabrics from some of the best fabric mills in the world, including fine wool, blends, cashmere, silk, linen and more. Whatever fabric you choose, we will tailor a supreme quality jacket that you will treasure for a lifetime. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Manning Company offers you custom made, bespoke tailoring at very reasonable prices. Why pay more when you can have the best for less. Be bold. Let us help you find style and a new look. Add elegance and poise to your wardrobe. Add spice to your life by calling us today!