bespoke shirt tailor in hong kong

Bespoke Shirt Tailors in Hong Kong

Manning Company Bespoke Shirt Tailors in Hong Kong are one of the finest bespoke shirts makers in the city, providing premium quality bespoke shirts in Hong Kong. Every shirt, regardless of the level of detail, is professionally and exceptionally made, with a perfectly tailored finish, to create its own uniqueness.Our personally measured and custom tailored, hand-sewn shirts offer particularized style and an exclusive experience for shirt connoisseurs. We help you choose just the right style and blend of fabrics and colors to accomplish your individual style and look. Just choose a convenient date and time, and we will measure you and help you design the perfect shirt with the perfect fit, be it a formal shirt, a dinner shirt or a weekend casual shirt.  Prints or solids, mix or match, our bespoke tailored shirts in Hong Kong are ready to be custom-made for you, whatever your mood.

We offer a range of quality and elegance in fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, voiles and polyester. Whether you like a solid color, stripes or a pattern like checks or herringbone, we have nearly endless possibilities. And best of all, there is no minimum order; you can order several or just one, as you wish.

Our custom tailor made shirts in Hong Kong promise you the absolute perfect fit, just the way you like to wear your shirts. The “perfect fit” is the perfect way to let your personality shine. Our experienced tailors will carefully measure you and understand all of your preferences before creating the perfect shirt for you.

We look at the length of your torso, the curve of your shoulders and the length of your arms, among other measurements, to make sure we get everything just right. Once we have measured you and talked with you to understand your preferences, we will help you choose your fabrics. At that point, we can show you all of the options for regular or custom designed cuffs and collars.

Fabric combinations, cuffs and collars play a vital role in the styling of a truly “bespoke shirt”. From the classic to the avant-garde, we offer cut-away styles, button down, turn down, tab, wing collars, Mao and more. The perfect shirt requires the finest cuffs, and you can choose from options like: button rounded, single button bevelled, single button straight, convertible rounded, double button rounded, double button bevelled, French cuffs, cuff link, narrow, casual or whatever style you like. When it’s “bespoke tailoring,” you get exactly what you want.

With bespoke tailoring, your shirt can be modern or classic, with straight lines or a looser fit. You can have center folds, side folds, front or back darts, as you wish. Add a pocket, with or without monogramming, or go pocket less, as you wish. Want an elbow patch, we can do that too.

For that final, personal touch to make your own shirt truly unique, we offer high quality monogramming, in many styles, anywhere you want on the shirt, at no extra charge.

The bottom line is you will love your shirts, knowing that every Manning Company Bespoke Tailored Shirt has been tailored to the exclusive design you chose, with your exact, personalized specifications. Our shirts are custom tailored in Hong Kong with the finest stitching, and best of all, they all come at reasonable, affordable prices.